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The History of Ancient Greece

Nov 20, 2017

In this episode, we discuss the Attic calendar year with a focus on the agricultural festivals and ceremonies; starting in the fall at the time of sowing we work our way around the year, month-by-month, until it is time to sow once again; particular attention is given to the Thesmophoria and the Eleusinian Mysteries but a dozen or so other festivals are described, including the Pyanepsia, the Oschophoria, the Chalkeia, the Proerosia, the Apaturia, the Haloa, the Thargelia, the Skira, the Kronia, the Herakleia, and the Boedromia (excluded are the Rural Dionysia, the Lenaia, the City Dionysia, and the Anthesteria)

Show Notes:


Intro by Travis Dow of Podcastnik